Photo by Pako Benson Motsumi; CDC chairman, Honorable Peter Williams giving the residents of Gweta and Zoroga the money councillors contributed to help them.

By Pako Benson Motsumi

Gweta-Central District Council (CDC) Chairman, Honorable Peter Williams took his colleagues during the full council session to visit Gweta and Zoroga villages on the 30th March 2017, to check on how the situation of the damages by the rains caused by the Dineo cyclone are.

The rains caused damages to the roads, cattle posts, lands and some residential plots in the two villages.

When speaking to the two villages about the visit, CDC chairperson Hon. Peter Williams said they came only to check on the situation at hand on how the victims are coping and what challenges they are facing so they could see how to help them.

He said Good people of Gweta and Zoroga we are not here to talk about developments or anything related, we are here to check on the situation you are having and to see what we can do to help as your servants.

Chairman also awarded the two villages the sum of P2900 to help the victims where they can help and promised that they will keep coming back and help them until the situation falls down.

He said they will do their best to help the victims of this natural disaster for them to leave a normal life again.

When speaking on behalf of the villagers the Village Development Committee (VDC) chairpersons, showed some concern, sobbing about the damages that affected the residents and the villages.

Gweta VDC chairperson, Mr Ledule Baraki said the natural disaster affected their village badly that 275 residents among them being 51 nurses were affected by the damage of these heavy rains.

He said they implemented a camp with 22 residential where more than 100 residents affected are living at there.

Mr Baraki said the camp has done well so far as victims are adapting to the environment and they are happy with it.

He said they are thankful for those who have been visiting and assisting them since the situation have emerged, being the Office of President, CDC, Bangwato paramount acting chief and many more partners.

Zoroga VDC chairperson, Mr Sororo said they are sobbing up in tears because their lands and cattle posts are the most affected but it was where they made a living for themselves, now he is wondering what they will do.

He indicated that shops are closed in Zoroga because the road to Nata and Francistown where they get facilities and stock to sell, now because of the road damages and stagnant water on the road they cannot travel to such places to get services.

He asked the CDC to at least help their children who schools at Nata Senior Secondary School to be helped with transport when the school closes.

“We thank the CDC councillors for visiting us, it is a pleasure to see them and it shows that they care about people who voted for them.” Said Mr Sororo

The CDC councillors and employees concluded the visit by having a lunch with the residents of Gweta village.

They appreciated the hospitality and promised to always check on how the situation is and help where they can.